Security and Encryption  
Your connection to our support site utilizes a secure socket layer (SSL) that encrypts information flow between your browser and our web site. We value your privacy and would like you to interact with us using a trustworthy secure connection.
When a connection is established, a private communication channel is created between your browser and our server for the duration of your connection. This channel enables the encryption of data during communication using keys encoded in our SSL certificate. Your browser and our server perform a digital handshake which involves authenticating the server and establishing a unique session key which is used for secure communication. Encryption scrambles the data, essentially creating an envelope for message privacy which encapsulates data exchanged during the session.
SSL Secure Socket Layer  
Secure Socket Layers use a SSL Certificate that enables encryption. Each Certificate contains unique, authenticated information about our web site. A Certificate Authority verifies the identity of our web site when the certificate is issued.
The connection session key is based on the SSL Certificate which consists of a public key and a private key.
How do you know you have a secure connection?  
Typically, browsers display an icon of a closed padlock () as a symbol of a secure connection. Another indicator is that the beginning of the address bar starts with https instead of http.  
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